About us

We are a Slovak family-owned business that proudly produces traditional, healthy, and eco-friendly footwear. We pride ourselves on sustainability with a strong emphasis on connecting with nature.

What makes us special

Slovak production

The unique way of production in our small, flexible company means consistent quality. We make shoes that last for years, so you don’t have to keep buying new shoes. Let’s grant China the lead in traditional medicine. Quality shoes can be made in Slovakia. In the family company EPUR.

Ecological approach

Natural materials and sustainability are not a cliché for us. We can produce biodegradable to compostable shoes. Each product has high abrasion resistance and thus increased durability, which can reduce the per capita consumption of shoes per year. Take on the eco-friendly shoe-wearing journey with us.


Our production and products stand on solid foundations thanks to the scientific research we rely on. Part of our footwear is patented and we hold trademarks. Patents and unique production know-how guarantee unique quality.

The tradition of a family business

We are people just like you. We pride ourselves on our personal approach and care for our individual and corporate clients. We are here for you at any time of the year. In good and hard times, in summer and winter. For everyone who turns to us.

Shoes that have been walking their own way since 1997

Follow in the footsteps of original development, sustainability, and passion with us. Igor Vanko, the creator of a unique biodegradable shoe concept, has been researching and developing the most comfortable soles with a unique 6-layer composition since 1997. This type of sole has found particular popularity with diabetic patients as well as clients with spine, hip, and knee joint pain, which often occurs from walking on hard concrete and asphalt surfaces.

Where we come from

The story of the EPUR family tradition began decades ago.

In the family of a trained chemist, the idea was born to create a product that would be humanly beneficial with health and natural benefits. What followed was research, experimentation, validation, and handmade shoes that have found their way into the domestic and international markets. Gradually, this ambition was translated into patents and certificates. For people, it meant experiencing the feeling of wearing shoes that do not crush, last for years and are made from materials that respect nature.

Where we are heading

EPUR, a family-owned company, brings comfort and health to conscious people who care about themselves and know how to appreciate home-grown quality and carefully selected materials.

Our vision is to produce durable footwear with an emphasis on ecology and zero waste. We believe there is a better way to make shoes. One that supports tree planting and works in partnership with the natural carbon cycle, not against it. Our ambition is to change the way shoes are made. We want to prove that it is possible to make beautiful, durable, and ultimately biodegradable yet viable shoes.

What we are proud of

Every piece of footwear is made with love and respect. We take the same care with each client.

Our unique, health-conscious footwear is the result of years of effort by all family members, a team of scientists, and eco-friendly advocates who are committed to running our business and producing beautiful, stylish, eco-friendly footwear that leaves no footprint. And that’s

something we’re really proud of! But our development and first production efforts are far from the end of the story. We pride ourselves on advising on the right footwear for each client. They are happy to come back to us for another pair.