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EPUR is exceptional for its original research and development, aiming to influence the resulting blends into eco-degradable footwear, beneficial to human health and the longevity of the materials used. Working with you takes us even further ahead.

Our strength extends abroad

We know no boundaries when it comes to footwear manufacturing. We can produce footwear to suit the most diverse needs. Our strength is reflected, for example, in the exclusive export of footwear for nuclear power plants on the German market, which had to meet high standards.

Cooperation at a high level

We cooperate with microbiologists, pharmacists, and doctors on the testing of our products.

We draw on the principles of mechanics, and knowledge from microbiology, neuropathy, phytotherapy, and Eastern medicine.

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Benefits of collaboration

Our goal is to make our footwear known to those customer groups who need us and appreciate us.

We offer you and your customers:

  • a wide range of quality Slovak ecological footwear
  • a free replacement of a product for another one if the size does not fit
  • the possibility of solving specific requirements for shoe adjustments – hallux valgus, different sizes of the left and right shoe, rectification of different leg lengths
  • oversized footwear in terms of length, width and volume


We offer complete information about our products via our e-shop. It consists of all necessary descriptions of the shoes, photos as well as prices. You can easily and with minimal effort upload these pieces of information into your database and start selling these shoes immediately.

Our physical store

We offer you a partnership whereby we can provide you with footwear testing as well as providing you with footwear on consignment.

Companies and institutions

We offer your employees comfortable and stylish work and leisure footwear. Addressing specific requirements, such as the logo placement or the colour choice, is a matter of course for us.

If you are interested in collaboration, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to send you a sample or arrange a presentation of our product portfolio directly at your company.

Medical and accommodation facilities

We have a wide range of outdoor and indoor footwear – for your co-workers, patients, and guests.
The partnership we offer allows you to arrange a shoe test or presentation of our product portfolio on your premises. We can customize our footwear based on any specific requirements regarding extra dimensions, color matching, etc.

We are constantly developing and growing with you

“The sustainability journey is a never-ending process. It means not only recognizing that you have to grow, but also making a long-term effort. A little more every day. Effort that will eventually translate into progress.”


Our satisfied clients

We would like to thank EPUR spol. s r.o. for the cooperation and production of barefoot footwear samples with polyurethane soles, which, compared to the rubber soles we have used previously, have much better physical and mechanical parameters, especially better abrasion resistance, and thus we have achieved extremely thin thickness and flexibility of the sole, which is essential for our barefoot footwear.

In addition, we do not have to glue the sole with any adhesives such as the rubber ones, where, moreover, the unpleasant operation of halogenating the rubber with aggressive chlorinated preparations is eliminated.

- Ing. Eduard Tomiš, Tomar Creation s.r.o.

Industrial and mechanical manufacturing

Electronic potting

We offer potting of PCBs, transformers, capacitors, filters in compact polyurethane with heat resistance from -40 to +160 °C.

Production of spare parts

The portfolio of our services is expanded by the production of non-original spare parts, mostly of our own production. The parts meet the maximum quality and design requirements, which helps them to stand up to the global competition.

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