Unique comfort patent

The sole is the heart of every shoe. On this unique basis, we have created and patented the ISS sandwich-structured sole and plastic-free insole that is uniquely comfortable. We use materials that are environmentally friendly.


Lightness and softness for absolute comfort and reduced fatigue in both normal and challenging conditions.


High resistance to hydrolysis, abrasion, and oils, but also to temperatures (possibility of drying on the radiator).


High flexibility and stability of the individual parts.


Features that help prevent slipping, prevention of accidents during work and transfers.

One step ahead

“We are committed to having a positive impact on nature and leaving no carbon footprint. We’re not at the finish line yet. However, we are a step ahead compared to yesterday.”


The ISS Bio sole

The ISS sole is unique in its biodegradability. In addition, it is supremely comfortable and can be worn for a long time, thus extending the time it takes to buy new shoes and thus conserving our planet’s limited resources.

Our biodegradable footwear is made of a reactive polyurethane skeleton, sandwich section, degradable foam latex, cotton and linen insole, bio heel material and natural cow, goat and sheep leather. These are all materials that respect nature. It can decompose in about 25 years due to the influence of microbes and moulds.

The ISS Dia sole

Shoes with ISS Dia soles are extremely popular among diabetics and patients with health problems that affect the lower limbs.

The ISS Dia sole is mouldable to the foot thus preventing blisters. The skeleton of the sole is made of abrasion-resistant polyurethane. It contains a cushioning, flexible and mouldable layer. While the insole made of natural leather allows the foot to breathe, the upper made of natural materials ensures resistance to outdoor conditions. In addition, the DIATEX lining creates a suitable microclimate.

The ISS Flexi sole

The flexible layers of the ISS Flexi sole absorb the shock, thus protecting the spine, knee and hip joints. Anyone who cares about their health will appreciate this type of shoe.

The cushioning layers synergistically absorb the shock and thus also save the heels and prevent heel spurs. An additional cushioning sandwich layer influences overall comfort and prevention of blisters. The sole skeleton is made of abrasion-resistant polyurethane. As with other types, the insole is made of natural leather, allowing the foot to breathe. The natural upper materials ensure resistance to outdoor conditions.

In the beginning, it was health. Gradually, the endless possibilities became apparent.

Initially, shoes started to be developed specifically based on the request of diabetologists for the prevention of diabetic blisters. Such shoes were able to meet the requirements for thicknesses of cushioning soft layers up to 14 mm in total. In addition, these insole layers are integrated, molded into the sole, so they do not wear out over time, as is the case with insertable conventional insoles. This results in a globally unique sole construction, patented in the Czech Republic, Italy, Germany and Austria.
The reactive polyester materials that make up the skeleton of the sole are also exceptional for their long-wearing durability. This is made possible by excellent mechanical-physical parameters such as abrasion resistance, strength and flexibility.
Tens of thousands of pairs of shoes with ISS soles have been produced since 1997 without a single reminder of the plantar flexion of the foot- not only for diabetics, but also for ordinary walking, home and work footwear with electrically conductive soles.
All our products have their own name, their own history, their own identity. Where their footsteps lead is up to you.

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