What makes our shoes different?

We produce certified footwear that is light, ecological and sustainable. EPUR shoes – these are shoes that leave no permanent marks.

Home footwear

Treat yourself to everyday comfort.

Walking shoes

For comfort every step of the way.

Work shoes

Stand up to tough conditions.

Health shoes

Relief from foot and spine pain.

Home footwear

Treat yourself to everyday comfort

Home footwear is made from natural materials that resist wear and tear and are breathable at the same time. Both women’s and men’s slippers keep your feet warm even in cold weather thanks to the felt or lambskin lining. All you have to do is slip them on, which is easy thanks to the Velcro fastening. The slippers have a minimum of seams. They are free of unevenness to avoid internal friction on the foot and thus damage to the skin.

Home footwear

Vychádzková obuv

Wolking shoes

Comfort with every step

Quality leather footwear will accompany you whether you go for a short walk along a familiar route or venture out to discover new places. The roomy toe box is good for foot health and toe comfort. Feet stay dry thanks to the Diatex lining, which creates a suitable microclimate. And when the cold hits, all your steps will be protected by the warm lining in conjunction with the ISS sole creating excellent insulation.

Pracovná obuv

Resistant to tough conditions

Not everyone can stand up to tough conditions. We’ve proven it, and so have our customers in the quality work boots they spend most of their day in. Comfort at an excellent price for all areas with increased demands on durability is guaranteed. Work boots are comfortable to wear and do not rub. No more hardened leather on the soles of the feet! The footwear is very lightweight yet durable.

Working shoes

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Health shose

Pain relief

Therapeutic shoes provide relief from pain and the endless search for shoes suitable for diabetics, even for casual wear. We make shoes that actually take care of the foot. They have a sufficiently roomy toe box for feet with hammertoes or bunions. Protect your feet by wearing quality footwear to prevent later health problems.

A unique identity for everyone

EPUR shoes are cherished by everyone who cares about their health, comfortable walking, and the environment. Each pair of shoes provides a unique identity for its wearer. Our footwear is designed for everyone, regardless of age.

Proper-width shoes are appreciated by diabetics suffering from foot swelling.

Prevention of the feeling of fatigue when walking, even when standing at work all day, is, therefore, suitable for waiters, medical staff, and all occupations requiring walking or standing for long amounts of time.

EPUR shoes also relieve pain for patients with musculoskeletal disorders and people suffering from pain.

Comfortable footwear suits overweight people, pregnant women, and all those who want to walk healthily and with a sense of comfort.

Thanks to the materials used, it is extremely hygienic and slip-resistant, which is why it is also suitable for employees in laboratories and facilities with increased hygiene conditions.

It meets all demands for durability and endurance for workers in hazardous and outdoor occupations.

Top features

High abrasion resistance. The system is developed to be resistant to oils. Our working shoes also have good anti-static properties.

High elasticity, anti-fatigue properties even at low temperatures.

Provides slip-resistant stability to prevent accidents at work and during transfers

I am kindly turning to you with a request where I could buy (or order) medical shoes – moccasins from the manufacturer EPUR spol. Ltd. Guerrilla (Dia – Comfort). Because I am very satisfied with your products and I am interested in the mentioned product, I would very much like to ask you for an answer as to whether I still hope to buy the desired shoes. I look forward to your reply.

- Anna Mitická

Allow me to thank you once again for your willingness, helpfulness and realization of my problem. With understanding, you took on a solution that was certainly not easy. That is why I particularly appreciate your personal approach until successful implementation, for which you and your team deserve a big sincere thank you.

- Mariana Horečná

I take the liberty of writing to you and at least in this written form I want to thank you for your invaluable – selfless help and sending diabetic shoes. I am extremely grateful to you, so please accept my warm – sincere thank you very much! You made me very happy and I confess that I couldn’t help but shed tears of emotion.

- Lenka Parádiová

Fulfilling special requirements

We can meet any requirement and produce footwear tailored to special needs. We focus on solving and especially preventing health problems. Suitable footwear can prevent, for example, amputation in serious cases. We make shoes for walking without blisters and pain.

Advice on selection

With every purchase, we will be happy to advise you on the selection of footwear suitable for your feet. We tailor our selection to your needs and proportions. Confidence is what connects customers with us. That’s why they like to come back for another pair of shoes for other uses as well.

Quality for absolute comfort

EPUR footwear represents absolute comfort and quality. We do not use plastics or other harmful materials during the production of our shoes. We put your feet in genuine leather. You don’t have to worry about early wear out and pre-set durability. Rely on our quality.

Our certificates and patents

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